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    * Premium Domain Names For Sale

    I was thinking of selling them for Best Offer, PM me if interested and make sure to give me your best offer. - A site to sell Auto Parts Online - would be a cool bank affiliate site. - yes I know realestate market isnt big right now, but in the future it will be - Web Design Company Name with good link backs. - Great for starting a Server Management Company. - start your own patriot media in your country - start your own high end vodka company - video games are big money, perfect for that kind of business. - a forum where people post stories. - start your own world cup foot ball soccer portal - paradise on earth? start your own dream beach.

    I accept only, minimum bid $10 PM me with your highest and best offer.

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    The first word is misspelt. It should be "counselling"

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    No domain with either spelling exists, but the single "L" is the correct spelling of "counseling" (unless that's a UK variant?). It would appear this is the right one: (whois matches other names listed)
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    Stop hijacking English (he he)

    ha ha. It is not that there is an English variant at all. The Americans have bastardised our language so 'Counseling' is the variant. 'Counselling' is correct because it is proper English from which 'counseling' is derivative. *chuckles*
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    sorry I mispelled the domain name.
    anyone interested?
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