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    Recover deleted database - Urgent


    I deleted one of our databases from PLESK in mistake, now how can I recover that database ? my backup is very old and I cannot use backup file.

    this is urgent , I'm in bad situation please help me.

    my server is Linux.
    I found this article :
    I don't know this article can help me or not

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    You can technically restore deleted files, but you need to be quick and shut down the machine.. if you are recovering from /

    Boot from a live cd that has ext3grep available or installable.. then or if you are not restoring data from / - you can unmount the partition use ext3grep - then its simply a case of

    # ext3grep --restore-all --after=1234567 /dev/sdaX

    1234567 = unix time, so only restore files deleted after that time and sdaX = the partition that had the data you need to restore. You can recover the whole partition by removing the --after

    This can work, but you do need to do it fairly quick, if you aren't experienced with file systems, I would pay someone to do it if its that important.

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    Its difficult to restore deleted database.

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