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    * You're a Cheap Charlie

    You're a cheap skate, and you are proud of it, or maybe times are tough and you just dont have the financing. Your broke? Unemployed? I know how it feels so im gonna hook you up real cheap.

    Only requirement is you have

    I would like to offer you web hosting,

    5 gigs of space, 100 gigs of bandwidth transfer a month, cost $36.5 a year, or 10 cents a day, its got cpanel, php mysql and all the other goodies

    10 gigs of space, 200 gigs of monthly transfer, for 15 cents a day, payment for one year via

    If you transfer your domain names over to my reseller, ill host your domain names for 5 cents a day each.

    contact me via PM, if you cant afford this, ill work with your budget and host you for pennies a day.

    Who said there arent angels out there during this great recession?

    Ive been in business since SEPT 2001. AND IHAVE THE GRAY HAIR TO PROVE IT!!

    Visit today: PHP and Design Talk, Tutorials & Discussion

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    hehe, nice post hope things work out - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
    Live Chat sales/support on website
    WHMCS billing system and client login We care about everyone!

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