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    VPS Montreal 1000GB Unmetered 100MBPS

    Seven days money back. 100% Satisfaction

    Burstable CPU: access 1Core 1.8Ghz
    Hard drive space: 1TB
    Guaranteed RAM: 512Mb
    Burstable RAM: 1024Mb
    IP Address: 1
    Uplink burstable 100Mbit
    Unlimited transfer

    Price: $129,99

    Choice of Linux or Windows.
    Free OS reload.
    BW Graph.

    Level3, Tata Comminication, Global crossing, Nlayer, Videotron, Tiscali, Savvis, Internap.

    Ping IP test :

    Arin registered.

    Download TEST: HERE

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Thank you

    Payment method accepted : Paypal

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    How much bandwidth can I use? I presume, since only 1 core is allocated at least one other client is using the same 100Mbit?

    Bandwidth latency is important for me, do you have some QOS in place to make sure somebody else on the same physical server will not fill up the connection?
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    COQ and DSCP are in place to assure the best bandwidth for each VPS.
    Around 4000 GB per month can be done with those VPS.
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    Only 15 of those still available.

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