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    What does Parked/Pointed Domains means?

    Can anybody tell me What does Parked/Pointed Domains means?

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    Parked domains in WHM are domains where say gets the files from the server for

    So say if the files for was /home/whatever/public_html
    then would just get /home/whatever/public_html/
    Same with mail, it whole concept is you can point your .com and .net to the one site.

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    park vs point

    Typically you park a domain either for selling purposes or before you set up a proper hosting account.

    Parking server space is normally enough room for a simple 1 page html page.

    Parking - is an interim and cheap webhosting solution / answer.

    Pointing is when one domain points to another domain. The pointing domain isn't the master one, the other one is.

    Hope this helps.

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    Parked domains pull content from the same directory as another domain.

    Pointed domains pull content from a subdirectory of a domain, but have their own access URL.

    Depending on how the servers are configured, pointed domains and parked domains can both send and receive email.


    Account has the path


    and two subdirectories "bar" and "baz".

    The account owner buys and, and parks them on top of - so that when someone types in, they see the same content as someone who types in or, which is the content in


    The account owner then buys and, and points them at the subdirectories. So someone typing in sees the content in


    and someone typing in sees the content in


    At least, that's how it's defined for hosts using cPanel control panel software. When GoDaddy (for example) sells domain parking services, they put up a single-page "placeholder" site for the domain.

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