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    * chargebacks: online dating sites

    Anyone got any experiences on selling subscriptions? (particularly online dating sites). i use paypal and alert pay as a payment processor.

    Did it happen to anyone of getting high percentage of chargebacks?
    please share some experiences.

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    Usually dating sites are considering 'high-risk'

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    Angry chargebacks

    yeah... dating sites really involves high risk... has anyone her got experience in running dating sites???? please share some experiences, specifically on chargeback issues....

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    chargebacks are usually higher for subscriptions services regardless of what they are for - people forget they have subscribed!! as a rule subscriptions can be higher risk for this reason and as Jacob said dating can be high risk especially if you allow people to upload explicit pics of themselves - then it would be classed as 'adult' - you would need to register as an adult merchant and getting a dedicated adult merchant a/c is preferable - like Axcess Merchant Services or Instabill for example. If Paypal find out you have adult content on site then paypal could close you down without wqrning so be aware. hope that helps?

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    not just that but if your site doesn't find them love then they take it personally once feelings are involved then have to get something back to feel better about themselves...
    Dave Parish

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