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    are adsense and adwords really worth it??

    Hey guys,
    I've been reading a lot about 'Internet Marketing' lately and the general consensus seems to be that adsesnse is the best.. but I saw the adsense own forum today and it seems to be full of unsatisfied people moaning and bitching about "accounts disabled", "money deducted from account for no apparent reason" and other random stuff.. I'm now having second thoughts about adsense after seeing their forum(kinda ironic).. But I'd like some experienced opinions from you guys if adsense is really worth all the hype... If it isn't can you please suggest some alternatives to it...
    On a different note is promoting the site through adwords worthwhile because it's not exactly what I'd call cheap and I'll admit the only reason I'm interested in creating a site is money (except a little personal interest)..

    Thanks in advance

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    You only get disabled if you run a site against Google adword's TOS. As for Adsense, if you don't know how to set up campaigns in a good way, you mine as well use your money as toilet paper.

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    Remember, people voice out with complaints more than they do with praise... Adsense I heard good things about people earning stuff from them.

    As for adwords, I heard they arn't actually worth it. Though, still a lot of people buy them... so I guess they might work (if you have the budget to pay for the good keywords).

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    @Jacob Wall: Thanx for the reply mate. I understand that google has the right to ban people if they don't follow their TOS.. But my point is "why approve them in the first place if their site's content isn't proper?? why close their account only after they reached $100??""

    I guess I'll read all google's TOS and follow them to the boot.
    But still could you give me some tips.. I'd really appreciate that... I've seen all these ^make money from google adsense quick^ ebooks but personally I think they are a bunch of crap.. If it was that easy google would've been bankrupt before they knew what hit them.

    @bihira: Thanks for the reply, I know people bitch more than they praise.. but still no positive feedback on it's own forum??
    If adwords aren't worth the money then are there any other alternative to promote a site??? Because my budget is not really high, max. $50/month. So I'd like to know that it's not going down the toilet..

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    guys, plz I really need an answer

    Update: I got a part-time job . So I think I can crank my ad budget upto $150-200/month

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    You really will need a good amount of traffic to generate money. I would look into creating a site that people are interested in and arrive at, then you will be able to structure a great revenue model for adsense.

    Adwords is great for generating traffic if you are selling a great product which makes the click worth the money I personally use adwords for my site.

    I hope that helps,


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    Adsense is not the only way to attract customers/traffic to your site (and certainly not the best), you can also take a look at other options such as social bookmarking, word of mouth, SEO, etc. Also as mentioned before you can burn cash very quickly with no result if you do not set up a good ad campaign with adsense (if you do decide to use adsense).
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