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    Netacore DEAD ??

    Hi Everyone,

    Wanted to know if netacore is completely dead ...

    have been mailing / ticketing / postign for about a week ... no answer ...

    Or am I just one of those priviliged people to be ignored by Norm ?


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    Any Updates ?

    Hi All again,

    It's been over a week now and I have not heard from anybody at Netacore ... emails/tickets you name it ..

    Does anybody have any idea what happened to them ??


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    Maybe something bad happened to Norm? Car accident? Alien abduction? Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    He must be ignoring you then:

    Seems he posted today
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    Or just majorly busy.

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    Hmm ..
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    I realise that he might be busy and other things have come up .. BUT ....

    Is he the only person there ... there should be someone answering or at least acknowledging user queries ... all I want to do is LEAVE ... I don't want support (not that there is much) I just want the accounts to be disabled and my recurring billing Cancelled ...

    I have already moved my sites to another host, so I do not need any help from netacore.

    And I knwo he has read my emails as I have received 'read reply' from the mail servers.

    I see a lot of people getting the hosting companies upset and then getting evicted. Well THAT would suit me just fine, I just don't seem to be getting any signs of life.

    I relaise that hosting companies and their employees are busy people, but that problem REALLY should not be passed on to me.
    Even if I'm paying U$0.01 for my annual fee, I expect to get service. If the host can not handle it they should either say so and I'll go elsewhere or make a plan and hire more people/get more resources and sort themselves out.

    Anybody got any suggestions on what can be done in a situation like this?

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    Just send one final email explaining you would like to cancel you account and this is the final email. If you are billed once the time comes up you will process a chargeback and file a complaint with the BBB.

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    Thanks OKI,

    The problem is that I am not in the US so i can not really engage in any legal battles. Also I am not really keen to be vigilant or agressive. I just would like closure, but if the worst comes to worst I'm more then willing to stir up a storm and proverbially s**t on his lawn

    What is a/the BBB ??

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    the BBB is the Better Business Burea, basiclly a orginazation used to check and make sure bussinesses are practicing properly as apposed to illegaly, unmorally, and such. I can't explain it the best as I have never really needed to use it or had any reason to look it up more.
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    Thanks Lippy,

    I fear unfortunatelly since he resells for another company, is a one person outfit, and I'm not a US citizen I will have troubles 'listing' him.

    But anyway thanks for the help.

    I never knew that it was so difficult to be evicted by a host, pity this is not like a club where you can insult the bouncers mother, and presto, you are out of there .... Purple-Eye inclusive mind you

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    Well I took the advice and sent them yet another 'final' email. I am however afraid that like many other 'unreliable' hosts this guy will weasel his way out of this one and after a while people will forget this 'review' and he will keep mistreating other customers.

    So now we wait and see if my CC is rebilled next month. I'm willing to bet good money that they will.

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    1. Submit a support ticket:
    2. Include First / Last name
    3. Billing Address
    4. Domain name
    5. Order#

    I will gladly refund your payment.

    Norm Sherman @ Netacore
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    Norm just to make Splopy feel better it might also be a good idea to give him(or her) a reason as to why it took so long to get ahold of you(no offense is intended just trying to help people either keep thier good name, or help the other fiond answers to those unanswered questions.)
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    Hi Lippy,

    I think Splopy29842 is at the point where he/she has already moved on and only wishes billing to be cancelled/refunded.

    I am not sure who Splopy29842 is so I cannot comment on why it took so long for a response -- I do not know what the situation is on the specific account.

    I am sure after Splopy29842 fills out a trouble ticket (as outlined above) all will be well and dandy.

    Have a good night everyone.

    Splopy29842, I apologize for any inconveniences experienced.
    Norm Sherman @ Netacore
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    Thumbs up

    Hi Norm,

    Thanks for your reply. I have done as you requested above on serveal occasions.

    I am glad that this is finally resolved, with my only problem being the amount of time taken to address my issues as well as the perceived lack of interest.

    But that being the reason for me leaving, I wish you luck and thanks for the help at the end here.

    Good luck and thank you,

    PS: Norm, if you really want to know who I am feel free to PM me although I think you have a pretty good idea though

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