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    Post DirectAdmin (with Exim) and DKIM

    I need to install DKIM on a webserver running Apache with Exim. The server is already in use, so I must make sure that I do not ruin current config files.
    I tried browsing the web but couldn't find any guide in how to isntall DKIM with my current configuration. Does anyone know it is possible, and if so, how I can install DKIM?

    If this is not possible out of the box, maybe someone is able to install this for a small fee?

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    How to: DirectAdmin (with Exim) and DKIM


    The installation can be done without any down time. The steps are as follows:

    1) Compile and install the DKIM ( Latest Version )
    2) Compile and Install Domainkeys ( Latest Version )
    3) Compile the exim with the above

    Please make sure you are taking the backup of all the necessary files before starting the compilation

    Hope this info helps - the name says it all!
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