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    Need some recommendations on graphic designers/illustrators

    I have a project that's not your typical web hosting design that I need someone talented in the graphic design/drawing aspect for. It's more of a fantasy theme (you know, dragons, evil wizards, that kind of thing).

    Anyway, I see a lot of people on here that can make "clean and professional" stuff, but I don't see much in the way of freestyle, hand drawn, etc. I basically need a banner that's hand drawn and digitally colored (a tablet user is fine) depicting a certain scene.

    Do any of you know some artists that are unique in their art and can possibly fit the bill?

    For a visual reference, think of a lot of the fantasy book covers you see out there. Something along those lines.

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    You could try with there you can find alot artist with great talents!! ^^ Good luck mate!

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    you can try on there you can find thousands of graphics designer to hire. I am also a graphic designer but newbie so the thing you are talking about can only experts can do!


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