My company recently created a thread in the Jobs Offered for a Web Design/PHP-SQL/Flash job for a few thousand. We had over 45 people reply to the post, and we eventually choose Dipak from

Our company hasn't attempted a re-design in about 3 years, so this was relatively new waters for us. To be honest, we really did not have a design we wanted. What we did know is we wanted a web2.0 looking website, that had a little flair, but didn't detract from the whole point of the site.

Design: did an excellent job in working with us on a design. We wanted a completely new look, that was not template based at all. We wanted only original work. The design went through roughly 20 changes, before we were finally happy with what Dipak and his team created. I am not sure how many designs are normal in a web design job, but this did seem a bit in my opinion. But we wanted the site to be perfect for us, and Dipak never mentioned anything about the excess in designs. Mind you... every design change, was entirely on us. It was not a reflection on their work.

Communication: Simply excellent. Numerous times a day, we would get updated on exactly what was happening. I was very happy with their communication skills, and was actually very impressed.

Speed: We wanted the job to be done within 3 weeks, and it was completely done in 2 weeks. Most of the time Dipak and his team was actually waiting on us to supply information. I'm pretty sure they could of had the job done within a week... it we didn't drag our feet.

Entire Project: They completed a New Design, created an Interactive Flash Map, Programmed SQL/PHP, and assisted with back-end programming.

Recommend them: 100%, and have done so to a few clients of ours. Dipak and his team at truly went well above and beyond the call of duty. We are very pleased with their work, and I loved every second it took to write this positive review.

If mods need a verified website where they worked on, i'll supply this. I do not want to share the website on here, as it would be considered advertising.

Thanks again Diapk and his team!