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    NL (dutch) VPS - double resource special!

    Hosted in the We-Dare DC, we are delighted to be able to offer the following offer!

    Buy any VPS package and get bumped up to the next one for free!

    To signup for any package please use this url -

    Offer available until Sunday only!

    OPENVZ VPS (not oversold) on quad core raid hardware. Control panel for reboots / graphs etc avaiable on request (still in testing).

    Buy a 64mb VPS @ 4 euro and get 128mb package!

    Buy 128mb vps @ 7 euro and get 256mb!

    Buy 256mb VPS @ 14 euro and get 384mb!

    Buy 384mb VPS @ 25 euro and get 512mb!

    Buy 512mb VPS @ 30 euro and get 1028mb!

    Buy 1028mb VPS @ 50 euro and get 2GB!

    Please submit any questions to or post in this forum

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    Is this offer for new customers only or can people with you already (like me) order a new VPS and get bumped up?

    Came at the right time - another NL provider I use seems to be having a few problems so time to look for a new one!

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    For new customers only Im afraid. We can of course give existing clients a good deal if they need extra resources! Just contact sales!

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