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    FS: Two Raqs 4i and 3i perfect condition


    I have two Raqs that I would like to sell.

    Just decomissioned them as I shut down my co-lo this week.

    Since most people in this forum already know what they are I won't bother posting all the specs etc.

    The Raq 4 has an 80G HD and 1G of Ram
    The Raq 3 has an 80G HD and 512M of Ram

    Both have all the rack ears, power cords, etc.

    Perfect working condition before being pulled on Monday.

    I will wipe them and re-install stock OS prior to delivery / pickup

    Units can be picked up from either Downtown Toronto or Burlington

    I will ship providing you pay the shipping costs.

    Not sure what to ask for them so just make an offer if you are interested.


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    Wrong section, this should be in Other Offers AFAIK.

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    Oh.... sorry.

    I didn't know. I just figured that since these were such as specific item it made sense to put them here.

    I saw other Raqs FS in this same forum and just followed suit.


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    Thread moved.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gadget_Guy View Post
    I saw other Raqs FS in this same forum and just followed suit.

    I'll go find em and move em too
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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