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    Hardware firewall recommendations

    I'm currently looking at hardware firewall options for a project.


    100Mb ports.
    100Mb throughput, reasonable connections etc.
    DMZ/VPN options not important.
    1U rack mountable or IEC power connector for rack installation.
    Easy to manage via web interface or GUI.

    I've looked at a few 1U options, they're a bit pricey though. Cisco ASA 5510, Juniper SSG140, Firebox X550e are what I've looked at so far, Best deal is 800 for the X550e on eBay UK also seen one on Canadian eBay for 600 but would prefer not to buy abroad, not worried about import as VAT charges would be reclaimed.

    Wondering if anyone can recommend any alternatives, either similar 1U options or non-rack mount with appropriate power connector.


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    how bout something like a supermicro 5015B-MF chassis?

    if you need additional ports just get some Intel Dual or Quad server cards

    I would recommend using PFSense for your firewall OS. If you dont need the additional goodies that can be added to pfsense (like squid cache, BGP, etc.) then look into using an embedded image and using a flash IDE drive for longer realibility (no HDD). The nice thing about PFSense is it capability to use CARP for redundancy if you are building critical border routers/firewall.

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