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    help recovery

    hi, i'm having a complicated question actually but i really need to know before recover
    my hard disk(removable) was corrupted weeks ago .. then by restarting the laptop the chkdsk process was made to the hard and almost everything on it was gone except 4 rar files , then my little sis deleted them so they overwrote other files .
    after making the recovery process (program: recuva)i found a file that i really want but it was overwritten , so i lost hope .. then i found another file that i wanted very much too but it was a file that overwrote another one which means
    i found unrecoverable file & it was overwritten with a file that i lost in the chkdsk process & i wanted it soo much ,so when i recover the files, will i get that last one or not ??
    more explanation:
    filename - path - state - comment
    7676893 - I:\?\ - unrecoverable - this file is overwritten with"I:\found.000\dir0026.chk\the name
    so plz , i'm hoping to receive the answer as soon as possible & i'll be so grateful

    note: the same file (the name) overwrote many other files not just one

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    I can only say I know someone that had a drive crash, ran chkdsk and all files looked like they were gone. They used this program (I had to search my bookmarks) with success in getting the files back . Your mileage may vary of course.

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