I'm new on the market not around here otherwise I would not be able to post this but anyways to the point. I'm really looking for expand what little of a portfolio I have. Consisting of something I did for something.

I'm offering professional web design in a pretty snappy turnround since I have a bit of time on my hands, usually within a week or so. I can do a full website for you at...

100 and for that i'll do revisions if you need them done an help you get it setup and all filled out.

If your looking for a banner or logo/button design then I can do ne for...

5 - Per logo
10 - Per banner

Turnaround time from me confirming that i'v got you is a day, two at the most. Obviously I keep you up to date with anything thats going on.

I have a blog setup so that you can keep track of things that I have done, the address is below at the end.. The website that I designed for someone is this...


All my design, I don't copy. If you want to get in contact then please email me here. I get back to people as soon as I can.

My E-Mail

Blog - http://williamsharry.blogspot.com/

Hope to hear from you soon,