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    i dont really no if anyone can help, but,,

    i was wondering if anyone no's of a html/php coder,and decoder via a password thats an offline app?

    its just ive made a script and i want it to use liencekeys for activation so i would need to encryt the code some how,

    does anyone no off a program that could do all of this for me?

    any and all reply(s) would be brilliant

    thank you in advanced

    and im sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, i just guessed this would be a good place to post it?

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    IonCube encoder. You should look into purchasing it though, it is expensive.

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    anything else?

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    the price isnt really the important thing, $199 for IonCube encoder isnt really that expencive and i could buy that now if i wanted to, its just people can hack it, thats why i wanted a password sortof thing

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    IonCube is, for the price, about as good as you're going to get. If someone wants to take the effort to crack your software, they're going to do it - just use IonCube and then leverage the DMCA as best you can to cut down on piracy... going beyond that and you're fighting a battle with diminishing returns.
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