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    need a dedicated servers

    I have a dedicated server form X company . ( no names )

    Unfortunately I want to change it, coze the server well never complete 12 hours online. And their support reply time from 1 to 3 hours.

    Now Iím looking for a good provider for dedicated servers with these details:
    1- Intel Pentium 4 2.0
    2- 512 MB ram
    3- 60 GB hard disk
    4- At least 5 free Ips.
    5- At least 400 GB monthly bandwidth.
    6- Good and fast Support.
    7- Uptime more than 90 % Iím not greedy
    8- Price not more than $ 120 monthly and setup fee less than $100 .

    any one can advice me .

    Hope to find a help



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    Sounds like you used rackshack. They provide UNMANAGED servers, so you don't get much tech support. Try for cheap managed servers. Monthly fee is close, but setup fees are higher.

    - Matt

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    I know some good companies if you want to pay for their good support, server and uptime. With a 90% uptime, I'm sure you can find what your looking for at $120/mo.

    Up it a little bit.. say $100.. and I'm sure you'll find even better with some peice of mind.
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    take a look in the dedicated offers forum ... especially at the Offer of ... very good hardware, bandwidth, support from a trusted company at a very low price!

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    Yup yup, check out

    You better get one before the $0 setup ends

    They still got a few servers left.

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    DedicatedNOW offer nice servers with Cpanel

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