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    Question Any good domain parking and appraisal company?


    I am looking to park some old domains and I find Godaddy. I was looking at their Free Domain Appraisal offer with monthly Domain Parking fee.

    See this

    For 10$ payment I can park my domains for one month and I will also get 5 domain appraisals. I think this is not bad deal, if I only use domain appraisal then still that will be 2$ per domain that is good. Do you think Godaddy domain appraisal is worthy?

    Or if you people know any good cheap but good domain appraisal please post here. OR any other similar kind of offer like GoDaddy?

    Second any other good Domain Parking company that don't charge fee and payout is minimum and also have good payment record?


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    For domain parking - Parked is the best and fabulous is a close second (in my opinion)
    As for domain appraisals - forget it - A domain is worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for it.
    Obviously there are certain categories,, - but Sedo, Godaddy, Afternic appraisals are a waste of time.

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    sedo and parked are good. You can have a look on as well. For appraisal of your domains try

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    Thanks everybody for help. I will follow all your tips.


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    Definitely is the best parking company. You could try for your free valuations. Personally, I think an end-user might value a GoDaddy valuation, but as has been said already, they are not a reliable predictor of a domains value. $2/domain for a valuation is a pretty good deal, imho. But you must ask yourself. How good is it going to be for $2?
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