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    So I have a Business Plan, thought out all possible problems I could think of and solutions to them, did as much research as possible, and number crunched for hours on possible plans I could offer.

    My main issue now is launching my service, where to do it, how to do it, and get maximum exposure. Does anyone have suggestions? This is a webhosting service by the way (isnt it always? )


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    in your swot analysis, you must have gotten an idea of who your competitors are and also you must have figured out who your target demographic is in your plan. That will make a big difference in how to open for business. A news release is always a good place to start, just make sure you are ready in case one of your marketing attempts proves fruitful.

    If you are starting out though, you may want to go more slowly and take on your first customers slowly while you figure out the kinks in your system. You won't have time later if you hit marketing heavy.
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    You can also try posting your best offer on this board but not those plans that you cannot maintain. Unless you intend those to be one-off specials to get some paying customers in.

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    You can also try sending flyers out to local businesses, and promoting yourself in local newspapers. In essence; local marketing.
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    Local marketing is good

    I have started out small with local marketing to get word of mouth going. No I am expanding with the local growth and expanding the company also. I think it is the best way to go myself.


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