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    phpBBHS Forum Hosting Script

    phpBBHS is a phpBB3 forum hosting system. Using phpBBHS allows people to signup and create their own forum. This is an easy way to generate traffic to a website and for content generation without much effort. Comes with built in support for advertising banners.

    phpBBHS is currently the most advanced phpbb3 hosting script on the market and is always being updated. The script is made by forum hosting people for forum hosting owners.

    phpBBHS Script Highlights:

    • Script uses only one set of files to run thousands of forums, and every forum has its own tables in database not shared with other forums.
    • Modular control panel where you can administrate all forums. Because control panel is modular, you can add/remove features yourself by adding or removing modules.
    • You can search, edit, delete, suspend any forum hosted on your server. Search function allows you to search hosted forum by multiple parameters.
    • You can easily add advertising banners to all hosted forums from phpBBHS control panel. Ads can be placed in header, footer, near copyright in footer and custom ad locations can be added easily. Ads can be adsense compliant (being shown only on content pages), or being shown on all pages. You can enable/disable ads for any forum, or set custom ads for forum or all forum that use certain domain and/or style and/or assigned to a certain category.
    • Subdomains for forums. All hosted forums will have their own subdomains, like,, etc...
    • Multiple domain names, custom domain names. You can setup as many domain names as you want, so users could select which one to use. For example, a user can use or if you setup and You can also assign custom domains to any forums, so owner of that forum could use his own domain name.
    • Easy website content administration (small CMS with powerful template system). Website is SEO friendly, includes directory of hosted forums and news you can add/remove in phpBBHS control panel. Website is easy to translate to your language because all text constants are in one language file and website template files.
    • And much more!

    For more information and to order visit:

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    So with you being the new owner, has the pricing changed, or is it still the same?

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    Price has been updated on the site. Still a bargain for the amount of features has to offer and the amount of money that can be made with the script. I myself have generate XXX,XXX in revenue from the forum hosting sites that I run.

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    Good to know. I will keep that in mind. If I get clients that need forum script, I will contact you.

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    Looks like your website and script demo has been hacked.
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