Los Angeles, California
July 14th, 2009

PacificRack is proud to announce the completion of a portion of our new
Automated Feature systems. After months of hard work in the planning and
development stages, we have finalized and launched our Automated DNS Management.
This feature will allow you to have complete control over your DNS requirements.

--- Primary Features Include: ---

#1. Cluster-Based Forward DNS Servers.
Domain DNS configuration has never been easier and more reliable. Our forward
DNS system is based on an N+2 redundant cluster of caching and node servers each
located in a different one of our datacenters. You may use our system for any
domain you wish to have reliable DNS access, whether or not it is hosted on your
servers with us.

#2. PTR Record Management (Reverse DNS).
Automated management of PTR records from within your portal allow you to make
changes on the fly for any one of the IP's assigned to your account. RDNS is
required for any IP addresses used to send emails to ensure reliable delivery.

#3. IP RWhois Management.
As a feature of our new system, all your IP Addresses are now RWhois-allocated.
You have the ability to manage whether your company's information is shown upon
an ARIN WHOIS of your IP blocks. This is a primary benefit for those who wish to
make their contact information available. The option to hide or make public your
information is available in your Client Profile.

You may access your Automated DNS Management system by logging into the MyRack
Portal (https://myrack.pacificrack.com) and accessing the menu on the left.

Should you have any questions regarding the functioning of these 3 new
features, please email [email protected] and we'll be glad to answer them!

Stay tuned as we introduce additional features such as:
- Automated OS Reinstalls
- Server Recovery Console Bootup
- Automated IP Assignments
- NEW Datacenter Locations across the USA and EU!

Do you have an idea for a cool new feature? We'd love to hear it, please email

Thank you for your time!

Christopher Gotzmann
[email protected]