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    I'm setting up an IRC server for the web hosting/IT communities

    I'm setting up an IRC server for the web hosting/IT communities, any suggestions? I already have hosting ready. Suggestions as in irc server to use and other things, If your intrested in voulenterring to help please pm me.

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    I can help out, but I gotta run so just toss me a PM.

    I'd be interested in getting a WHT irc up
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    Quote Originally Posted by mooseweb View Post

    I'd be interested in getting a WHT irc up

    I could swear something already exists...

    I do however suggest:

    Charybdis & Atheme - two very solid and proven platforms.

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    According to this one there is another alternative since Inet closed the first one (who owns WHT).

    I remember being on the original one long ago, hanging out at work (then at a small ISP) chatting on irc.

    A private server (ircd) would be nice (but possibly a target for the script kiddies), or even a public one on a larger network (so some folks don't have to add more networks to their existing bnc's & much harder for some ticked off script kiddies to "own") would be nice as well.

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    687 already exists
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    Great idea, although I believe something similar exists already.

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    No point trying to reinvent the telephone man, theres a good number already out there. That is unless your irc will have something more to offer

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