I'm looking at going for the Spry 512 plan. I was originally looking at Linode's $20/mo or $30/mo plan but Linode apparently only allows 2 IPs. Anything over that must be manually reviewed. I would probably want to use multiple IPs to setup proxies for SEO purposes and Linode told me they wouldn't approve an IP for that reason. Of course if I'm running my regular sites on the same C-block of an IP that is running a web spider or proxy server I wonder if my regular ecommerce sites on that C-block could be hurt in the search engines...?? Lol, prob not a question for these forums.

Other than that they seem to be pretty much the same. Spry seems to be a bigger company, which could be good or bad. Any comments on Spry's customer service?

Oh, also what kind of Linux distro do you guys recommend? I'll be running an ecommerce site using the open source Magento platform. It's nothing special but what's the OS you would recommend? CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian seem to be pretty popular.