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    Question Some questions regarding setting up a download server?

    Hey all, thank you so much for replying so many times in my last thread I made here. I have a new problem though that hopefully some of you may be able to assist me with a solution.

    I have just setup a box downtown to be primarily a download server on a cogent unmetered connection. It will be just for myself, and perhaps a few other clients as well since I probably won't use a lot of resources with just my game file stuff.

    What is the best program to use to setup the box so I can use a http:// address with my IP address? Do I need 2 IPs to accomplish this? I just want to setup something where the client and I can upload files and not have the other party see everything they uploaded when they login.

    For example:

    I upload to my folder, and then go to my site hosted elsewhere and link the file like "http://123.456.789.111/myfolder/"


    Client uploads to their folder, and then goes to link it on their site like "http://123.456.789.111/theirfolder/"


    When someone goes directly to http://123.456.789.111, they cannot see all the folders because I have a foreign client already that will want to do adult files which I do not want associated with my site mistakenly. You may ask then why would I want to host him, and I'll just leave it at he made me a nice little offer for the small amount of space.

    Thank you all so much again in advance,
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    Also, I have VNC setup and BulletProof FTP setup temporarily to test it out. But, I notice that it seems to time out or perhaps just freezes up for no rhyme or reason. I was just in a VNC session while typing out this thread, then went to change something and noticed the box on my taskbar vanished for it, so I keep having to reboot the box via APC utility to get it working again. Also, I have the FTP server setup to lauch on startup, but it doesn't for some reason. The box is running simple Windows2000 Pro, nothing fancy like Redhat or Windows2000 Server.
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    Hmmm, someone has been trying to login anonymously for awhile now with this information:

    Resolved to

    Should I be concerned or not?
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    if you don't have anonymous ftp enabled, i don't believe you need to worry about anonymous login attempts. I am not, however, a security expert.
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