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    * CMS Example

    Hi Guys

    I need your experience in this. I have attached a photo of CMS I use at work. It is made with Fatwire. I would like to be able to do the same with an open CMS for personal use. What CMS would you recommend for multi site deployment and each user to log in and update its own website as easy as the attachment.

    thank you very much
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    SilverStripe can do that!


    Hmmm, not sure again if it was SilverStripe... Search continues
    hi there!

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    try also known as cute news. I use it myself and have been for years its FREE to use and very EASY to edit, it has an "edit templates" section where you can edit what it displays and how it displays to very precise details. I have yet to find any bugs.
    Also you can purchase a "no branding" license for a one time fee of like 20 bucks or it will have the "powered by cute news" on bottom

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