HostingCon is renowned for networking. Where else will you find so many peers, partners and prospects under one roof? But successful networking doesnít happen by itself. You need a game plan.
The most targeted way to network at HostingCon is to schedule meetings in advance. This year, HostingCon is leveraging the event capabilities of LinkedIn to facilitate these meetings. If you want to make it known that you are attending HostingCon and are open to meeting requests, or if you want to find a person or company of interest:

  1. Go to the HostingCon Event page in LinkedIn
  2. Let it be known that you are attending/speaking/exhibiting at HostingCon by indicating your status in the RSVPs box in the upper right hand corner of the Overview page.
  3. Browse the RSVPs to find companies and contacts of interest, then connect via LinkedIn

There are many places available to meet both in and around the HostingCon event. Most notably, you can meet in the WHIRís Networking Lounge on the exhibit hall floor. If more privacy is needed, there are great venues within the Gaylord National. National Harbor, the area surrounding the Gaylord, also has outstanding bars and restaurants.
Canít wait to network with you at HostingCon 2009!