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    A good WebHost in UK ...

    Hi Everyone

    New to this forum - have been reccommended to come here from a Moderator in the phpbb forum, here goes ...

    I have several domain names and accounts with oneandone Internet and have generally found them to be a very good WebHosting company here in the UK. Both of the sites in my signature are hosted with them and I have another site also with them.

    I have recently found out though that oneandone limits the number of concurrent connections to a MySql database to 15... here's some questions for you all...

    • Is this correct
    • I am about to create another BBS therefore can you reccommend an alternative UK WebHost that I might set up a new account with (potentially several hundred members, with may be 50 concurrent - given time of course!!!)
    • Are there any free WebHosts that would allow me to set up and host a phpbb MySql forum?

    Any suggestions gratefully received
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    If you are looking for UK hosting companies have a look at

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    Re: A good WebHost in UK ...

    Originally posted by TheMusicMan
    I have recently found out though that oneandone limits the number of concurrent connections to a MySql database to 15...
    This may not be the problem you think it is . . . .

    It doesn't mean you can't have more than 15 people logged in at once, merely that not more than 15 database queries can be going on at the same time.

    As the average database query takes a fraction of a second the odds of 15 people hitting the button in the exact same fraction of a second are pretty low.

    Unless you have a site with monstorous numbers of visitors (but then you wouldn't be using shared hosting) it's unlikely ever to be a problem.

    Cheers, Lee

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    TheMusicMan -

    Why would you specifically want a UK host? Unless you required a host for mission critical applications, then any host well-connected to the internet can be considered, with the difference in upload speeds measured in milliseconds.

    Also - US webhosts are far cheaper - overheads are much less, and the market much more competitive. Any UK hosting company with servers in the UK will be at least *twice* as expensive as a US host offering the same [though usually more].

    There are some UK hosts which resell US server space, and thus are as cheap as US hosts - and you don;t have to wait for the sun to hit the Eastern Seaboard for tech support to wake up either!

    The whichhosts page lists a number of companies blacklisted by customer experiences of them. I searched around that site and found it pretty poor.

    Find a few names here and use the search function at the top right of the forum, checking for customer testimonials.

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    if you are with one and one then you will have problems getting them to change the named servers of your domains.
    We have a few uk customers who have moved from 1&1 and they dont seem to want to change the named servers so you may need to transfer your domains away from them to get full access to your domain.
    just something to think about before you sign up with a new host.

    there are a few complaints on here about oneandone some of them by me ,but the general opinion is they hold domains so that you have to host with them.

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    sorry to interrupt, i have a question
    you mean, right?
    are they good? i am considering them for my host.
    i am currently with one2host, i am very unhappy.
    please advise

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