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    Question Interchange / osCommerce / Augora

    Hi All,

    I am sure this was a topic of conversation before, I will ask specific to me this time.

    I have a very small e-business with a low turnover and few products. Most of them would fit into one or two categories.

    Which would you recommend?

    Thanks all for your time


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    OSCommerce is very popular with our clients and is a frequent topic of conversation in our PHP forum. Don't have experience with the other 2, but OSC is really nice.
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    I have not tried Agora, but for sure I would avoid Interchange. OsCcommerce is absolutely great and have worked great for us and our clients.

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    oscommerce is the one that gives a nice blend of features to customization. Agora is a bit of a dog in my opinion. Interchange is a very powerful cart, but it's huge, and from what I've experienced, a monster to try to design around.

    oscommerce has a pretty good community of people around it too

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    Thanks all .. I'll go with osCommerce

    Appreicate the help ...

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