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    What is cc gateway in internet that easy to apply?

    I want to ask what is best cc gateway that easy to setup?

    now i only work with paypal, before i work with 2co and my account got close in 2 week, they said my business high risk and had right to refuse it (can u imagine how selfish they are, after i explain about my business, comply my policy to their policy and after 2weeks they decide to close!)

    now i see authorize is an option, but is only work to usa company?
    that will work if i setup company at delaware using some company agency that i can found at internet and get ein too?
    how hard apply that merchant account to no us citizen?

    or people here can advise me any other option?

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    Those two you were already using are the most easiet. PayPal to me is the easiest. Did Paypal close your account also?

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    What kind of transactions do you do that are very high risk?

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    If 2co closed your account because of being a high risk merchant, most other processors will be similar. You'll need to find a processor/gateway that specialized in high risk merchant types.
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    What are you selling ? Where is your business located ?

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    my paypal not close, the good thing, i am a premium member of paypal that get vip access to business support team.

    i am in indonesia, the weak of paypal is if i want to withdraw must in rupiah (indonesia) currency can't in usd.
    and my business base in usd. so i am lost in currency exchange.

    if 2 co, can send in wire in usd, that why i am prefer to using them.

    my business is mix. from unlocked cellphone, cloth, small hosting, etc.

    cause of 2co blocked is they not accept unlocked cellphone but i am trying to make 2co faith that i am sell locked carrier cellphone, but i think at the end they know it in 2 week. other speculation is they not belive that in 2 week i can sell 13 cellphone that worth more than 2k usd. and they category it as risk business.
    when first time of using paypal i got same problem too, account limitation in 2 week but now everything fine.

    last time i am applied again for website that selling branded clothing like glamour, dropdead, etc and they refuse it. said my name has been blacklist or something like that

    how about authorize? is really need that i must established us company for get merchant account at authorize?

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