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    Download POP3 email to IMAP server

    Here is what I want to do: I want to run a system that will periodically check my POP3 mailboxes (Ex every 1 minute) and pipe any message in the mailboxes to a local IMAP server.

    I want IMAP functionality to have access to my email from anywhere, but I don't want to have all of my messages stored on some remote server where I have no control over what's going on. So I basically want a local machine sitting in a closet that will automatically download my messages from my remote server. I then want those messages to be placed into an IMAP folder on my local closet server. Then, in thunderbird, I will change the server settings to check for IMAP mail on the closet server instead of POP mail on the remote server.

    I hope I've been clear enough here on what I need. I found a linux program that appears to do what I want ( but it is also free and unsupported, which worries me a bit.

    Can I accomplish what I'm looking for with Exchange? If so, are there any tutorials out there on doing that?

    I'm just looking for something easy to deploy that will pretty much run out of the box. OS doesn't matter at all since this server will be used solely for email retrieval and distribution for 2 email accounts....

    Free solutions are good, but bug free solutions are best.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unless I'm misreading your requirements, Fetchmail was born for that kind of thing:
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    That looks like exactly what I'm looking for. SO if I'm reading that right, I should be able to have fetchmail log in to my remote POP3 servers and deliver all of the mail to local users and I should then be able to log in to the local server via imap and see the received messages...Right?

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    Yes fetchmail will do your job and the new version is better and its opensource but i personally haven't tried it yet so i cannot comment on the functionality.



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