Webmaster forum with unique forum software and design - Webmaster Forums (, and are also included in the sale)

The forum software and design are both 100% custom and unique. The forum has been built upon over the past year by myself and another programmer.

Included in the sale:

- The domains and .info
- Full rights to the forum software which is 100% unique and custom. No other copies have or will be sold.
- Full rights to the forum design which is also 100% unique and custom.
- All the necessary PSD files

Some highlights off the Talk Developing forum software:

- Reputation System
- Search by keywords / Search by usernames
- Thread Ratings
- Users can make blog posts
- PM feature

There are many more features please feel free to sign up and test the board out.

The forum also has an admin panel. From here you can:

- Add / Remove Forums
- Add / Remove Forum Categories
- Add / Remove News
- Ban / Unban Users
- Set up the reputation system

Admins can also:

- Lock Threads
- Unlock Threads
- Sticky Threads
- Unsticky Threads
- Edit / Delete Posts and Threads

Everytime a user creates a post or thread their IP address is logged. Only Admins can see this.

Feel free to post or PM any questions you may have

Looking for offers over $550

PayPal for trusted members, MassPay, Escrow is another option with fees split 50/50