I have been exploring the possibilities of setting up a backup service aimed at small businesses and personal websites.

The service will be predominately marketed as a 'Rsync' backup service; a well known standard with an easy setup. We will also cater to cPanel users which don't have shell access too.

I understand it is a fairly saturated market and would be considered "just another rysnc service", however I have good ideas to make the service more unique and user friendly.

My background:
I own a range of popular websites including Zymic.com, a free web hosting service empowering close to 400,000 members. I also run other successful websites and understand what it takes to run popular web properties; I have rarely failed in this regard.

With the help of my large userbase of webmasters we can begin by offering backup services as an account upgrade (see http://bit.ly/70zHt as a sample of what our new upgrade options could look like). And of course we should also focus our efforts elsewhere to webmasters non-connected to Zymic. But for the initial boost and brand exposure we have it 'sorted'.

What I seek for in a partner:
  • 50% investment of servers, storage and other equipment (mainly considering colocation).
  • Technically experienced with server setups, optimization, Linux, etc. In other words a decent background in server administration and an understanding of hardware backup setups. You will essentially be the technical director for this project, I only have basic experience.
  • Hard working and motivated to succeed.
  • Past experience with backup companies would be a huge bonus.
  • May consider partnership with someone who already owns datacenter space and equipment.

To learn more please email [email protected] with a subject "Backup project".
  • Resume / proof of experience / past companies etc
  • Example of how you would construct a backup server setup both hardware and software wise AND why.
  • Capital you would be willing to invest MAX.
  • Any other suggestions, questions, etc welcome.