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    Hosting Controller 8

    It appears that Hosting controller 8 can administer multiple sites and servers from a centralized enterprise server. It also appears that it can support both Windows and Linux. Can it do both from the site server? Can I run a Windows server as my primary controller server (Windows 2008 sp2), and have is control and tract all my Linux servers and VPSs, or do I need a seperate Linux control server?

    Why I can look this up and have no expectation of you doing my homework for me, if anyone can answer with little effort...

    Does HC8 FULLY utilize Active Directory?

    Does is integrate with Active Directory to automatically create VPSs? Does it allow you to install additional OS images not supported by Windows Server (CentOs, frex)

    Does HC8 provide any licensing to quickly and easily and cost effectively, provide HC8 to my VPS clients?

    Lastly, if there are any other control panels that can provide enterprise level management of multi-server, multi-OS (Windows and Linux) environments included both shared, and dedicated/VPS clients, please make your recommendations -- especially if they are usable with WHMCS (or have their own full service billing platform).

    Thanks for your time. You advice may help me save hours in homework.

    No Plesk, please. I'm quite turned off to Plesk.

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    Yes both Hosting Controller and HSphere support simultaneous handling of both Windows and Linux servers but I would recommend you to go for Hosting Controller as HSphere you never know when will it be dumped by Parallels. Plus HC has great edge over other control panels due to its free quality support.

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