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    Shared Linux Hosting for 3+ E-Com websites

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking to get new web hosting, I am currently with for a very short time but their shared hosting platform does not suite my needs.

    I require FAST/Responsive servers with good tech support (eg. they will be around when needed) -- being that I'm moving it would be nice to move upto some sort of cloud platform so that I don't need to worry about my shared hosting going down.

    Here's the tricky. I need to run at least 3 e-commerce sites from the hosting account, each with their own static IP / SSL certificate.

    The sites aren't going to be getting massive traffic or anything but they are/will be running Magento E-Commerce which is fairly resource hungry so server speed is a big issue.

    Servers need to be in North America.

    I would like to stay within the $20-30 range (before cost of static ip's are added on) but willing to spend more if it seems worthwhile.

    Please suggest -- thanks.

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    I would start contacting hosts from the offers forum or wherever. Communicate with them via their normal support channels (since response time is important to you) and ask about how they would suggest doing the setup of your 3 sites with dedicated IPs. Ask about their experience hosting and supporting SSL certs.

    Some will be really forthcoming and tell you their plan and that they can accommodate you and have experience hosting business pages with SSL, and some will be a bit on the lost side. That should narrow it down.

    You've got a solid price range and someone should be able to put something together for you.

    One thing to consider with the software you are running is server priorities. Since you are using a resource hungry software application but don't get a ton of hits, the CPU and memory resources of the server are more important than the hard disk space and bandwidth allocation.
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    Your pricing seems very realistic for your needs and it seems as if you are more concerned with the "quality" of the host than the "quantity" of what is offered (refreshing). I can recommend at least taking a look at Cartika Hosting as they offer a quality clustered environment along with excellent hardware, features, and support. I've been with them for years and have nothing but good to say about them.
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    You should probably check and get quotes from a few hosts, your budget seems good, so you should be able to get ample resource over a good datacenter for that price.

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    It should not hard to fine a host who can provide you with your ssl and your dedicated IPs like these guy have said take a look in the forums...

    and best of luck

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    Do you currently have the SSL certs or would you need the SSL certs provided by the web host?

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    I would provide my own SSL

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    Those high performance hosts like medialayer and precision effect would have been excellent for you if not for the multiple IP/SSL requirement.

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    Ah, Magento is indeed a somewhat power hungry e-Commerce script. Just some tips:

    1) Magento requires the PDO mySQL extension, make sure the hosting company supports it
    2) Try to get a PHP accelerator, it does cache the scripts decently well with Magento

    Good luck in your hosting search.
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