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    Domain Transfers from closed down hosting company (Media30)

    About 5 weeks ago I was left in the dark when all 11 of my websites on my reseller account with went down. I later found out that this was due to server attacks, which has since lead to a complete server shut down of Media30.

    I have now set up a VPS server to move my websites to, but I am unable to get my sites back up and running without the domain names that were registered through Media30 (some with UK2 Group Ltd and some with Enom).

    My understanding is that I require the domains to be unlocked for transfer (which may already be the case) and the ECC codes to transfer them over. However, I have not received these from Media30 in the past 5 weeks, and had no reply on my recent emails.

    I have also attempted to contact the registrars directly but not received a reply.

    With the huge traffic loss this is causing to my websites and inconvenience to my clients I am beginning to lose my patience and cannot let this drag out any longer. Does anyone have any suggestions to getting around this as quickly as possible?

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    Best thing to do is contact Vaserv on their support desk,
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    Thanks, although my Media30 login details do not let me into the Vaserve support desk.

    I believe that my emails to Vaserve support automatically create support tickets anyway. Contacting them isn't so much the problem, more so the lack of response and progress.

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    Please PM me the ticket number as we don't see any obvious tickets outstanding over domain transfers
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    Can you provide me with your ticket ID(s) please so we can look into this further as we've sorted out majority of Media30 customers but some appear to still have to be resolved? If it is you, Mark, I am working on getting your domains sorted right now, trying to collect them under one roof so we can get them all sorted in a single batch.

    Thank you for the patience and understanding.

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    I cannot seem to PM here, but I have submitted the following tickets:


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    I'm sure VAserv will help as above.

    Find a registrar to move them all to so if VAserv can collate them in one place you have somewhere to move them all too.
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    Mark - I am on this now and will respond shortly.

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    As informed through appropriate ticket - this should be now sorted out for you Mark. In case you need any further assistance or you have possible inquiries/comments, feel free to reply via ticket and we will happily get in touch.

    Apologies for delays once again.

    Cheers and take care!

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