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    GloboServers - Poor Service.

    Well, on 13th July 2009 I ordered a VPS with because they allowed IRC to be run on the box. As you can see for yourself on the website it says setup is instant.

    Well, here I am on the 14th July 2009, $25.00 down (I ordered their basic package) and still no emails, their WHMCS billing area of the site says its pending.

    I've noticed for two days now (tried to grab em' on LiveChat a day before buying) that they haven't been on LiveChat, i've been awake since I paid for the VPS so I could catch them online.

    Some areas of their website doesn't work, mainly their WHMCS doesn't allow me to file a ticket, at all.

    I noticed they buy services from Santrex, which, in the past i've used, pretty good people, response isn't bad.

    So I went to the Santrex IRC channel and spoke to masrawy and he said he couldn't do anything, obviously - but that I should launch a PayPal dispute, but it's been 1 day, coming onto 2, PayPal needs 10 days? Then like a further 10 days for them to decide, which for me is too long, I kind of need this by the 15th as I want to move from HostV, and that VPS goes in 1 day or so.

    So, to be honest - I just hate these companys that say instant setup, and they aren't, don't really care about LiveSupport.


    Just want your advice to be honest, recommendations on IRC VPS' too, maybe - might go back to Santrex, who knows.

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    Well, their website is announcing Hosting "Serveices"...
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