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    Reseller Helpdesk | 20 minute response | 20 minute setup | 20dollars month

    Verdict Networks Pty Ltd is a world leader in Outsourcing Services and related online business solutions. Established in 2009, the company has experienced rapid growth through the delivery of high value online solutions and outstanding customer service.

    Verdict Networks Pty Ltd mission is to be a global leader in the provision of internet based Outsourcing services via a customer-centric culture.

    Verdict Networks Pty Ltd has successfully transformed from a Live Sales Agent company into a global outsourcing services provider. The company is committed to improving its competitive advantage and profitability through maintaining its position as a Top global Outsourcing Solutions provider, expanding its global management business, enabling customers to optimise their business performance through online technology services and evaluating ongoing merger and acquisition opportunities.

    Are you a new or small business using a reseller account? Are you paying to much on your other support provider, or are you lacking providing 24/7 support to your clients?

    If you answered yes do read on!

    Verdict Networks Pty Ltd, Is a All-Native English support team operated in Western Australia and Florida, USA.

    Choosing Verdict Networks Pty Ltd for your helpdesk solution can be one of the best moves for your business a) for your clients and b) for your back pocket.

    We offer 24/7 Coverage for your reseller account with unlimited tickets and resolutions for only US$20.00 per month. on your Reseller account the only condition is that you only have a maximum of 50 accounts on the account.

    If you order before 7pm GMT-5 we will start providing support to your clients within 20 minutes of checking out.

    For those who are interested in our offer please visit

    To order or ask additional questions feel free to start a live chat or use our contact page for alternative contact methods.

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    Automated, Secure & Low Cost cPanel Backups (on the cloud)
    For Users & Web Hosting Providers - User Backups

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    For those with no questions use our order form to get setup all the information you need and all the information we need is provided there;
    Automated, Secure & Low Cost cPanel Backups (on the cloud)
    For Users & Web Hosting Providers - User Backups

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