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    My VPS-at is down and now is down also main website.

    Is this some bigger issue? Or has some one information?

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    Virpus down again

    My Virpus VPS is down today. I have a very slow vps connection and I am going to get network timouts. isn't accessable too. What is going on there?

    My website is only a wordpress blog and it is accessable very slowly for the last 30 days. I must reboot the vps again and again to get it faster. There are just 5-15 visits per day. But 15 unique visitors brings the server down ???

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    I have right now the same problem. VPS is down. They answer to my ticket, that they checking this issue and thats all. Support reply was more than three hours ago. No answers any more and no information.

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    They answered my ticket after 61 minutes
    We apologize for the delay in getting back with you. This ticket has automatically been escalated to an administrator to speed this ticket up.
    Because there website is down too, it is no wonder, why they can't reply to the tickets at this time in a quick way.

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    Moved > Providers and Network Outages and Updates.

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    I have a very very slow response from VPS !

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    Me too for more than 3 hours. I got only network timouts.
    BTW: I get network timeouts on

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    My VPS is backonline

    and email from Virpus:
    Dear XXXX
    There have been some on-going network issues that began early this morning, causing a large amount of packetloss. We have been able to track down the cause and at this time, everything should be running just fine.
    Although the issue is resolved, we will be further investigating the issue to prevent this from happening in the future.
    We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconveniences caused by this.

    Thank you,

    Virpus Networks, Inc.

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    I got the same email. My VPS was down for more than 5 hours!
    But now it runs fine and fast.

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    again problems

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    Whats your node name ?

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    629 is currently unreachable.

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    They have problems with nameservers.
    My VPS works, but its doesn't resolve names, when he wants connect outside. But at least incoming connection works as I have my own nameservers.

    But Virpus service is not so good as it was.

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    My VPS is down since 12 Minutes.
    Edit: They fixed it now... 10 Minutes later.
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