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    Thumbs up Dynaceron 1.5 weeks review

    I leased a dedicated server from Dynaceron about a week and a half ago for the sake of satisfying constant requests from my customers to provide VPS in europe.

    As far as netdirekt resellers go, Dynaceron has the best pricing I could find, and Bora is a good guy to work with.

    The specs of the server:

    Intel Core2Quad Q9550 @2.83ghz
    8GB RAM
    2x500GB SATA 7200RPM
    32 IP allowance (16 pre-allocated)
    5TB transfer
    Frankfurt, Germany location

    Price: $149/mo.

    The server has so far been a very reliable server, and I am quite happy with it.

    I would rate the service a 10/10.

    One disadvantage is that the server is so new that you have to run the latest operating systems in order to support the hardware to it's fullest capabilities, but that is not a problem for me. It is important to stress that the current version of debian (and even testing) does not have an installer that supports the onboard gigabit ethernet. Also, it was necessary to disable the HPET timer in the BIOS due to an ACPI bug. However, once we did that and got Netdirekt to burn a Ubuntu 9.04 CD, everything went to plan.

    I definitely recommend Dynaceron if you need reliable hardware for a European presence. Bottom line: my customers are more than satisfied with the server's performance, which means I'm satisfied with it's performance.

    Server main IP for review verification:

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    I have to admit that disabling the HPET in the BIOS helped a lot.
    We now make sure that it is disabled in the specific hardware.

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    Thanks for the review mate. Glad to see that you have been satisfied till now. Always great to see good initial impressions. Keep us posted.

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    Everything is still going well.

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    Drop a review again in a years time or so to get a better idea on things.

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    Glad to see the review. Thanks for sharing the review with the communitty.
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