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    Good budget laptop deal from NewEgg

    I've been on the lookout for a good budget laptop to use for word processing and surfing, and occasionally to take with me when I travel. I don't like having expensive laptops because I worry about damaging them, so a lower-end budget laptop is ideal for me.

    Anyway, there's a great deal on a 14.1" Acer over at NewEgg:

    It's only $449 shipped (free shipping, no tax).

    AMD 2.0GHz dual core, 3GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce 9100M G, 320GB hard drive, wireless-N, DVD burner, webcam, card reader, etc. It also qualifies for a free Windows 7 upgrade via one of Acer's partners.

    I picked one of these up for my sister a few months ago for when she starts college, and I was surprised at how quick it was. I was expecting a piece of junk. The laptop itself feels a tad flimsy (it is cheap plastic after all), but overall it's definitely not bad for the price.

    Just passing the deal along in case anyone else might be interested.

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    The specs looks so similar to my current laptop, except mine is Compaq. The price is pretty decent.
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    They look similar to mine, although mines a Dell. I wouldn't go with an AMD processor. My laptop seems to be very slow due to the processor.. But it could also be Windows Vista..

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    try with Dell inspiron 1525 i have one and good
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    Yeah price wise Acer are cheap and their service sucks, And they look cheap you could try Compaq which is light years ahead but think you might have to shed a few more dollars, But my experience is its all worth that extra money I personally am using two of their products.


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