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    $40 per Megabit/s Cogent; no set-up; SprintLink backup; 1U free per 5Mbps

    One month free with 6-month commitment (paid monthly)!!!

    BQ Internet Corporation is running a special for the month of November, 2002, to complement our network expansion.

    * Primary bandwidth: Cogent Communications
    * Backup bandwidth: SprintLink
    * $40/month per megabit/s access
    * No set-up fee
    * Free 1U co-location per 5Mbps commitment
    * New York City data center
    * Basic firewalling and network monitoring

    Additional rack units are $40/month per U.

    Feel free to ask us questions. If you do not wish to commit in 5Mbps increments, you may also obtain access in 1Mbps increments, but with a co-location fee of $40/month per U.

    Example costs:
    * 5Mbps access, 1U co-location: $200 per month
    * 10Mbps access, 2U co-location: $400 per month
    * 1Mbps access, 1U co-location: $80 per month
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    Do you accept towers?

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    is it burstable or cappped at 5Mbps
    aim: practicalhst
    icq: 173747936

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    To answer both questions:

    Towers are accepted, but rack space is charged at $40/month per U.

    Bandwidth is burstable to 10Mbps. We use bandwidth commitments for provisioning bandwidth to help ensure you receive the bandwidth you pay for.

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    Where is your Data Center?

    I can take the 5Mbps Package but what kind of Towers you guys can take?

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    ip to ping?

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    Could u provide me an ip to test?

    What about if I prepaid 100 MB ?

    Pls give me this info.


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