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    two domains points to same hosting account from WHM


    My client wants to point two domain to the same hosting account. I have already setup the first account for him and it works. How can I make it that when I change the nameserver for the 2nd domain to my server it points to the same hosting account as the 1st domain

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    Just use the same nameserver ip that your first domain uses. It should work after a restart and propagation.

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    Change the nameservers of the new domain to that of the old domain and once the dns propagates, park the new domain over the old domain from the cpanel.
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    Instruct your client to register child nameservers for the second domain in the same way that he did for the first domain.

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    indeed - you need to select the 'park domain' option in the client's cPanel account (as opposed to add-on domain) - you do not need to add child nameservers to that domain, it can just use custom nameservers that are the same as domain #1
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    Just add the second domain as a parked domain and then put it on the same nameservers as the first, simple! - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Parking the domain on top of the other is the easiest way to do it.

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    It does not matter what name servers are used. All that matters is you point the A records for the base / www of the second domain to the same IP of the first domain.
    Then, as they have said, just "park" the second domain on the first. Your just saying 'answer to this name too'.
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