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    VPSSpeed 3 Month Review

    Hey I am Tyler and I have been hosting my Design site with VPSSpeed for 3 months. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap, fast, and reliable US based VPS company.

    -Ordering 10/10
    When you order from VPSSpeed your VPS server is almost instantly setup which was nice because I needed my server right when I ordered it.

    -Pricing 10/10
    The pricing is very reasonable especially when they offer coupon codes or specials on there twitter ( They have new deals every other day. I have never seen any other VPSs with the same specs for any cheaper.

    -Support 8/10
    Rick (Owner) has been very helpful with small problems for me. I am an experienced server tech so I only open a ticket once in a great while but when I do he always responds within an hour or 2. But what can you expect with the amazing pricing. If you want live support 24/7 you will have to pay more for that through another company.

    -Speed 9/10
    VPSSpeed's servers are based in Texas which isn't too terribly far from me. So i get perfect download and ok Upload speeds. The upload could be a lot better. I max upload at 100 kb/s and I only upload to my VPS at around 48 kb/s on average.

    -Overall 8/10
    They have a nice catchy design on the main website with matching WHMCS Client Portal. I believe that the owners have put a lot of time into making this site easy to navigate. They are also working on an In-House VPS control panel as an replacement for HyperVM. I can't wait for it to be released.

    Total Score 45/50

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    Very impressive, thanks for sharing the review.

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    Your Welcome

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    That's a good review tyler, now if you didn't know you must provide a domain hosted on a vps w/ vpsspeed. If you don't feel comfortable posting it for the public you can report your post and the moderators will verify it.

    Keep us posted when your with them for 6 months

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    I'm pleased to hear you have had such a wonderful experience. Always refreshing to hear great reviews about companies. Thanks for sharing!
    We develop brand identity for the web.
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    This was one of the companies i was looking at when i was about to buy my first VPS. Great prices. BTW are they still providing HyperVM? Cos that's what their site says.

    Good luck with your service.

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    Thanks for the review. Very happy to see a satisfied customer. Also follow up your review and at the same time don't forget to get your review verified.

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    My domains hosted on the server are

    No they have shut down HyperVM you have to send in a support ticket for anything needing done with HyperVM on any VPS. They are working on there own in house panel.

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    After the last month support has still been great as usual. I have been beta testing there In-House VPS control Panel "SpeedCP" The User Interface is great and has very few problems. It is about to be released and put into full service within the next few days. They are also rolling out there new "Hybrid VPS Plans" and a new design for there site.

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    Thanks for your review
    keep us update
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    Reseller and Webhosting.
    Tomer A

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