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    Server / VPS consultant for hosting system upgrade

    I operate a small application hosting company, and need to update our infrastructure.

    We intend to move to virtualization via ESXi initially, and we favor utilizing Sun's ZFS platform for the SAN.

    We seek a seasoned consultant who can easily direct us in the following areas, saving us time and wasted dollars:

    1: editing the oem.tgz file for various components as needed
    2: suggesting server components that perform well under ESX, or pointing out those that do not perform well.
    3: making suggestions about specific hardware configurations / software installations for application hosting. Example questions are weighing i7 vs xeon quad core vs dual processors, etc, finding the right balance between performance and price.
    4: providing guidance on what server equipment we'll need in order to have the desired performance level and appropriate (but not overly excessive) room for growth.
    5: ideally this person might be available in the future for similar consultation if/when needed, as an outside resource.

    We'll be happy to go over more specifics about what we're doing and our needs when you inquire.

    Our developer manages our current infrastructure but we'll use the consultant we select to basically catch us up during this transition.

    If interested, pls don't reply here... but email [email protected] and let us know the following:
    1: name, email, phone, and general availability
    2: what qualifies you to consult us in this area (briefly)?
    3: Do you feel you could pull us up to speed on what we need to know for our VPS transition as well as give us some specific guidance on server hardware/setup in about 10-15 hours?
    4: what would charge for 10 hours of consult time?
    5: would you have interest in very spare time consultations in the future?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Sent in the mail.


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