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    Question Looking for a fantasy league script for NHL Hockey (or generic)

    We host an officially endorsed series of NHL websites for alumni players and fans. Our client has asked if we knew of a fantasy league script that we could use on the alumni websites.

    It wouldn't need to be fancy. Something customizeable that would WORK for NHL/hockey but it does not need to be specifically for the NHL or even hockey, as long as it CAN BE modified to work as a fantasy hockey leauge. It can be commercial, closed source, or open source if it fits these requirements. We would consider hosted scripts as well. We do have professional PHP programmers that can create one from the ground up but we are looking to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

    Any and all recommendations will be appreciated! TIA

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    Gee, that sounds very specific. I don't think you'll find something for hockey, I'd look after something more general, but you can search here:

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