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    Dedicated IP issue (cPanel)


    I have a VPS with a few IP addresses in the pool. I am creating new users with a dedicated IP for each one.

    Scenario: There is a user (call it john999) with an IP address assigned (different from the main shared IP). So, john999 has several scripts, one of them is mail();, another downloads some files from other servers etc.

    Problem: When a script that belongs to john999 communicates to the other servers, they see the same IP address (I guess our main shared IP) that they would see if that script would belong to joss888 or root111.

    Are there any settings (apache, bind, cpanel or smth) I can change so each user gets the full 'control' over its IP, is fully responsible for it and does not 'share' it with others?

    All accounts are shared cPanel accounts.


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    I think you are trying to send email via the dedicated ip rather than
    server's main ip ? I am I right ?
    If so you have to make some custom configuration in exim.conf

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    Thanks for the answer!

    Well it is mostly not about email. I have a php script that downloads some html files from other server (later parses it and updates our website with some fresh info). That 'other server' sees our main shared IP address.

    I can simply change the main IP address but the problem is that I need several system users to do the same under their private dedicated IP addresses. So when john999 calls other server for some files the other server gets, when joss888 does the same the other server gets a request from etc.

    Can this be done?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I simply need each user with dedicated IP to have a separate IP interface assigned..

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