We have now launched a new plan!

For only $1.99, you get 50 MB of Disc space, 1 GB transfer, 5 email accounts, 3 subdomains, and more! As part of our value-added features, which comes included with every plan, you get MySQL support, CGI support and PHP support. You also get the industry-standard CPanel 5 for easy management of your web site.

This plan can be found here:

This offer is not only for students, although it is called that, but is perfect for any individual wanting to set up a website!

We also offer the Bronze, Silver, and Platinum plans. These provide more disc space and storage. Should you ever need to upgrade, these plans are value plans, and provide a lot of function and support for their price.

For $4.99, you can get the bronze plan, with 100 MB space and 3GB monthly transfer, and a whopping 10 subdomain facility! 3 FTPand 5 MySQL databases are also included. As always, the Value-Added Features provide PHP, CGI and MySQL, with CPanel 5.

If you want more details, please visit our website, at http://www.iisnet-online.com/.

Best of luck with your website!