Through the end of July I'm offering a buy one/get one sale on colo space (up to one rack) on any of the plans listed below for the life of the contract. That's right! You can colo in one of the most secure facilities in the world essentially at half price!

If you get the 4U plan I'll upgrade you to 1/4 rack free!
If you get the 1/4 rack plan I'll upgrade you to 1/2 rack free!
If you get the 1/2 rack plan you'll get upgraded to a full rack at no extra charge!
If you get the full rack plan you'll get another full rack at no extra charge!

Colocation Deals for WHT
-Every build out has appropriate infrastructure. Excess bandwidth ensured.
-# of IP's provided based on need and justification.
-Support and remote hands available 24/7 every day!
-Single homed bandwidth starting at $30 per m/bit!

4U - 1mbps: $215.00 - $100

1/4 rack (10U) - 1mbps: $350.00 - $200

1/2 rack (21U) - 1mbps: $500.00 - $500 Setup Fee (includes a single 20A, 16 x 5-15/20R, A+B switching, remote reboot PDU with full $500 setup fee)

Full Rack (42U) - 2mbps: $895.00 - $895 Setup Fee (includes a single 30A, 24 x 5-15/20R, remote reboot PDU with full $895 setup fee)

We can also offer you truly redundant bandwidth with multiple geographically diverse providers if your situation requires it. Truly redundant bandwidth pricing depends on amount needed.

We want to reach out to the WHT community and say how much we appreciate WHT and the people that make it a great place. Call or e-mail me and we'll work out the details for your install!

US Secure Hosting Center (USSHC) is one of the most secure colo facilities in the world.
Built by the government to withstand almost any conceivable disaster (including nuclear and biological attack) our campus is an ideal location for your mission critical gear.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, expanding industry leaders, promising startups, and everything in between.
Phone at 1 (888) 348-7742 or email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

USSHC owns the land, buildings, and everything associate with the data center. There are no other tenants and facility is used solely as an ultra secure data center. Completely
underground, EMP shielded, biometric security at all access points, and interior and exterior surveillance cameras with indefinite storage. Feel free to review our website for more
detailed information about the facility.