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    Angry The domain is on special with VeriSign

    I have a domain in, which merged with NetSol some months ago, I want to transfer it to another registrar, but I got the following email from NetSol:

    Dear Valued VeriSign(r) Customer:

    Network Solutions, a VeriSign company, instructed the registry
    not to transfer the domain name registration to a different registrar because the domain name, AAA.COM, did not meet the registrar change criteria.

    Specifically, the domain name did not meet the criteria because:

    The domain is on special with VeriSign


    Network Solutions
    Change of Registrar Group
    I have no billing issue with NetSol, and I got a reply from them:-

    We apologize for the inconvenience. your domain has been placed on special because we are currently doing maintenance on your account. this is to avoid any accidental loss of sensitive information while we perform this upgrade.

    Please be informed that it will be removed on October 31st, 2002.
    After October, I still have transfer problem with the same reason, and their reply is just stating how to transfer the domains blablabla, never get into the point and answer my specific situation... - Professional Hosting since 2000

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    Push back. They cannot do this to you. ICANN regulations permit you to transfer your domain at any time up till the expiration date.

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    Call them and request to talk to a supervisor. Tell them you want the domain released asap. There should be no reason why they won't release it unless it is close to expiration.

    Good luck,

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    First call goes to Philippino tech support. If they act uninterested in your case tell them to connect you to a supervisor or else to sip sip tikiko

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